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FrontLine contractor solutions, inc is a father/son owner operated company. We are from the small island of Guam and made our way to the big city of Seattle in 2016. However there were many ups and down in between, from learning the hard way as well as being face to face with success and failure. We moved from Guam in 1999 and came into Seattle, WA, with a bag of tools and a dream.

We began our journey in the flooring industry against all odds. We then moved to Alaska in 2003 and began a small flooring business and have since sharpened our skills, as well as learning many major components within the industry.

From the installation to understanding the materials we use, we can guarantee a professional experience for our customers from start to finish. We’ll walk you through each phase to ensure your confidence in our team.

We’re here to bring quality back into the flooring industry and we want to do that by ensuring your next floor is done at the highest level of professional quality. We are three generations deep into this trade and have the craftsmanship to prove it.

Now that you’ve gotten to know a little about who we are, we’re excited to get to know you!!

Kitchen remodel? Bathroom facelift? Urine stained carpet that NEEDS replaced? Whatever it is…


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